About Giraffe

The Asian restaurant scene of 1996 was very different from today’s. It consisted mainly of Chinese eateries that became popular in the 1980s, and featured Chinese décor, names, and food that was essentially Chinese with some added western twists. Giraffe, which opened back then, was an innovation that lay in the new pairing of a pan-Asian kitchen with a modern, western eating-out experience, one that was simpatico to the western palate, taste, and sensibilities.

The merger of Asian-inspired dishes with European desserts and an espresso bar was eclectic, urban, and modern, an experience that could just as easily appeal to customers in New York or Berlin as those in Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Our restaurants are based on eastern materials and inspiration, but we aren’t committed to any pure Asian traditions. We have no problem serving Thai tom khagai together with Japanese sushi and Chinese egg rolls. And it’s unlikely you’ll find our Malaysian dish anywhere in Kuala Lumpur and we’re sure that, when it comes to our desserts, the Pavlova and Crème Brûlée are much better that any bizarre Asian concoction, such as purple bean ice cream (no need to thank us).

Although we already have nine restaurants, none of them is an exact replica of the other. We love experimenting and adjusting our eateries to their locations and the customers who choose to spend time in them. That’s why our menus aren’t identical and why you can find dishes unique to each branch. Also, the changing décor at each of our locations is rooted in the same approach: we try to create a diverse experience for our customers while making our own lives a little more interesting. We enjoy the effort involved in offering the Israeli public a fascinating eating-out experience that won’t break the bank.